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Holy Nights 2020-2021

Holy Night : December 25-26, 2020

“Night of John. The Eagle of the soul climbs high with its wings and looking back from a great height, observes its own life. And now the man recognizes the Laws of Karma.

The Mystery: Choosing the narrow and difficult path or the path that is wide and easy.

For those who are born of flesh it is hard to find the path of the spirit.

Bhagavad Gita: A selfish life, or a life devoted to humanity?”

~ From indications given by Rudolf Steiner to Herbert Hahn

Second Contemplation:

“Christmas is a spiritually elevating time, which can sometimes clash with the materialistic ideas of the modern world. We must strike the delicate balance between experiencing our spiritual self and our earthly self. We are inclined to clothe our spiritual self in our earthly understanding thereby masking its beauty and purity. Our task is to integrate the two by always acknowledging that our spiritual self underpins our earthly self.

When we look at our lives through the eyes of our spiritual self, we see that we attract all our difficulties for the express purpose of making us stronger and more objective. For it is only with objectivity that we can even see our spiritual self, our I Am. Christ came to earth to give us personal use of our I Am: that is the real Christmas gift. Do we reject it? Yes, we do. Each time we blame others for what they do to us, we reject this gift. We only ever accept this gift when we acknowledge that whatever happens to us we have attracted so that we can experience this gift more fully. If we can become the interested observer of all that takes place in our lives, we stand with Christ and share His work.” ~ Herbert Hahn

Christianity as Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity (GA 8) is a series of 12 lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in the fall and winter 1901-1902 in the library of Count and Countess Brockdorff. These lectures were rewritten and issued in a book format in the summer of 1902.

Chapter 3: “The Greek Ages before Plato in the Light of Mystery Wisdom”

Read by Dale Brunsvold (from 1961 edition by Rudolf Steiner Publications, Inc.)

Click here or on the image to listen to the recording.

While listening to the recording you can also read the two chapters, available at Rudolf Steiner Archive, by clicking here.

"The Greek Ages before Plato in the Light of Mystery Wisdom"

by Dale Brunsvold


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