Defend and reclaim the truly human. Founded on the work of Rudolf Steiner.


Anthroposophy NYC is the New York City Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in America. We are dedicated to unite spiritual truths with life’s realities to nurture a shared community, inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner.

We offer a range of programs for deeper learning around the study of the human being, the world, and the path of inner development. Throughout the year, we have study groups, offer lectures, courses, workshops, and artistic activities, host events, and celebrate festivals.

Anthroposophy NYC is a small non-profit organization and we depend on the generous support of our donors to function and offer various anthroposophic activities:

  • Lectures, workshops, and study groups on themes out of anthroposophy’s understanding of the human being and the world, in which we live.
  • Artistic explorations, such as eurythmy and painting, that arose from the work of Steiner.
  • Rudolf Steiner Bookstore, which carries a variety of books and gift items centered on Rudolf Steiner, including Waldorf education, biodynamics, health, spirituality.
  • Centerpoint Gallery, which provides the space on the walls of our Auditorium for artists to share their work, connected with anthroposophy.


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