Rudolf Steiner Bookstore is part of Anthroposophy NYC
at 138 West 15th Street (between 6th and 7th avenues).

We carry a wide range of books, centered on Rudolf Steiner and related to anthroposophy,
including Waldorf education, biodynamics, diverse aspects of health and spirituality,
as well as the books studied in the study groups, used in the ASNYC courses, and presented at the events.

Stop by and explore!



Wed, Thu, Fri 2-6 pm, Sat 1-5 pm



The latest issue of being human has arrived!
Visit us to get a FREE copy…


The latest issue of Lilipoh has arrived!
Visit us to get a FREE copy…

50% off
all 2020 biodynamic almanacs…

Of course you can still use them: they provide nourishment for your SOUL and insights for your MIND way beyond the dates!

Dear Friends of Rudolf Steiner Bookstore and Anthroposophy NYC,

We’re part of All in Chelsea Campaign! We received the invitation to join by the 15th Street Block Association. It’s good to be connected with the community around us… As part of this campaign, we are offering 10% discount on all items through the end of October for in-person purchases.

STOP BY AND EXPLORE! Make a purchase, or just come in, say hi, and take a free copy of Lilipoh and being human.

There are several ways to help our bookstore and Anthroposophy NYC to thrive in these unusual times:

We would be delighted if you visit us in person…

  • Come and buy books, candles, etc. in person. We’re open Wed, Tu, Fri 2-6 pm, Sat 1-5 pm. You’ll get 10% off through the end of October.
  • Check in via email or call to see if we have a book you want, or place an order with us, and then step by to pick up your books in person. You will get a 10% off this way too. Click here to fill out the online form for picking up the order in person.

If you cannot come in person, you can still support us…

  • Place a mail order via Rudolf Steiner Bookstore for books that are available at Steiner Books. You can either call or email us with your request, or click here to place a mail order for Steiner Books drop-shipment. You will not receive any discount, but you also won’t be charged for shipping. Available only for delivery in the U.S.
  • If you are really in a rush, or you need something that neither RSB nor Steiner Books carry, and you have to use Amazon, then use link and we will get 0.5% of the eligible purchases. Yeap, if you shop via, Amazon will donate 0.5% to Anthroposophical Society in America New York Branch Inc. Click on the link and login with your regular Amazon account credentials. You will notice the name of our organization appear to let you know whom you are supporting with your purchase.

Our volunteers and I are looking forward to hearing from you and welcome you at our newly arranged bookstore!


Marta Stemberger
Bookstore Manager
rsbookstore (at)

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