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Holy Nights 2020-2021

Holy Night 3: December 26-27, 2020

“Now follow the Three Nights of the White Lily. The soul recognizes that it cannot stay above, but must come down again, because in it, it possesses too much earthly weight.

The conscious mind begins to purify the earthly body and assumes that each food is as a viaticum (provision for a journey). “I am the bread” (words of Christ Jesus). We come from the bread, we live in the path of development of the bread, and return to the bread.

The Mystery: Never forget the accomplishment of the distant objectives of leaving the earthly realm.”

~ From indications given by Rudolf Steiner to Herbert Hahn

Third Contemplation:

“When we have spiritual insight, we see that we are really part of the All. Then we are tempted to see ourselves as part of the All regardless of what we do. This choice means that we stand still on our journey and have some kind of faith that we will get there one day. However, we need also to use this spiritual insight to see the baggage that we carry; not to do so is a misuse of this spiritual ability. We don’t want to look at the baggage because we think that if we look at it we won’t have the strength to sift through it.

So what is the baggage? Our grudges, our lack of forgiveness, our fear, our lack of love, our opinions, our one sidedness, our jealousy, undervaluing ourselves, overvaluing ourselves, the list goes on. This baggage belongs to our lower self, our lower ego which found the strength to develop itself in all these things. Now that we have come within reach of our higher self, our I Am, which is the bread of life, we no longer have use for these things. In fact, now we need the exact opposite of these things. Leaving aside our opinions gives us the freedom to see much, much more. Loving others as they are is so much easier than deciding who to love and who not to love. While we may not experience instant gratification from forgiving others: when we forgive we change the world.” ~ Herbert Hahn

Christianity as Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity (GA 8) is a series of 12 lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in the fall and winter 1901-1902 in the library of Count and Countess Brockdorff. These lectures were rewritten and issued in a book format in the summer of 1902.

Chapter 4: “Plato as Mystic”

Read by Dale Brunsvold (from 1961 edition by Rudolf Steiner Publications, Inc.)

Click here or on the image to listen to the recording.

While listening to the recording you can also read the two chapters, available at Rudolf Steiner Archive, by clicking here.

"Plato as Mystic"

by Dale Brunsvold


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