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Our hours are Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 2-6 pm, and Sat 1-5 pm.


However, ASNYC programs–events and study groups–will continue online for a while. We’ll let you know when we’re ready to offer in-person programs. Meanwhile, participate in our online programs and engage in our blogs–read them and write down your comments. And share on social media, of course.


Our beautiful Auditorium is now available to short-term renters. Click here to visit the Space Use page for more information.


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CENTERPOINT GALLERY at Anthroposophy NYC, 138 West 15th Street (between 6th and 7th avenues), is a multi-use alternative gallery space.
The gallery is open on Thursdays 5-7 pm when an exhibit is in place. Other days, by appointment (212-242-8945).
The gallery is currently closed.


“By gaining a direct relation to the spiritual, a person can acquire the forces necessary for the creation, out of the innermost core, of true art. For true art stands beside real knowledge on the one hand, and on the other, genuine religious life. Through knowledge and religion man draws closer to the spiritual element in thought, feeling and will… Looking at the physical surroundings akin to his physical body, he comes to realize that physicality is not the whole of his humanness… saying to himself: Though I stand within earth existence, it contradicts that part of my human nature which was imagined forth from worlds quite different from the one in which I live between birth and death.” ~ Rudolf Steiner, The Arts and their Mission, Dornach, 3 June, 1923.


Centerpoint Gallery offers a multi-use alternative gallery space at Anthroposophy NYC in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. It operates under the non-for-profit umbrella of Anthroposophical Society in America New York Branch, Inc., and shares the Auditorium with various programs, organized by Anthroposophy NYC, the Branch study groups, and the short-term renters, such as Michael Chekhov Acting Studio, and other diverse educational and social gatherings. Centerpoint Gallery has held art exhibitions since 2002.

Anthroposophy NYC is supportive of spiritual expression in all forms of art, and regularly hosts classes and workshops in arts and various crafts (frequently by our exhibitors), including small theatrical productions, eurythmy classes and performances, choral recitals, concerts, poetry readings, painting and drawing classes, weaving workshops, seasonal craft workshops, and the like.

All this activity means that many individuals get to spend extended amounts of time enjoying and benefiting from the artwork on our walls in a way that is not possible with brief gallery visits. For those who are not attendees at various programs organized by Anthroposophy NYC or short-term renters, exhibitions can be viewed by appointment.

By providing the space for artists to share their work, Centerpoint Gallery at Anthroposophy NYC creates opportunities for non-verbal conversations about the spiritual element of humanity.

Artists whose work and approach strive to speak of this immaterial aspect of the human experience and who have a connection to anthroposophy and the work of Rudolf Steiner are welcome to submit proposals for an exhibition.

Please send submissions to the Centerpoint Gallery curator Kelly Beekman: art (at) asnyc.org.

A list of all past exhibitions is coming up soon.
Stay tuned!

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