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Portrait of the Week: Larry Young


“And yet my spirit-vision only wakes
When thoughts of action wholly fill my soul,
And it is flooded with a living hope
That for the spirit it may build a home
And kindle there on earth the light that shines
So warmly through the spirit-worlds on high,
And seeks, through human sense-activities,
A new home in the daily life of earth.”


So speaks Strader in Scene 3
of the Rudolf Steiner’s mystery drama The Soul’s Awakening


Click here to read the whole scene.

Toronto-based artist Larry Young is a painter, sculptor, photographer, educator, and filmmaker. Deeply inspired and influenced by the writings of Rudolf Steiner, Larry has probed anthroposophical themes of human spirituality and consciousness for over 50 years. Click here to visit his website and listen about his creative process, as he describes it in a series of audio files, connected to the current exhibit at Anthroposphy NYC’s Ceneterpoint Gallery.



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