January 6, 2021

“After the most special 12 holy days of cosmic listening, we arrive at January 6th, which marks the visit of the Magi to the Matthew gospel child, as well as Epiphany, the incarnation of the Christ Logos into the prepared vessel of Jesus at 30 years of age at the baptism in the Jordan River,” writes Jonathan Hilton in his latest article “The Zoro-Aster of 2020 and the Star of the Magi.” Click on the title or the image to read the full article on our blog MEETING OUR TIMES.

The Dream Song of Olaf Asteson


For several years, The Dream Song of Olaf Asteson was presented in different ways at Anthroposophy NYC, either on the Epiphany evening or during the Holy Nights. Linda Larson, a eurythmist, would often guide us through the eurythmy forms that were given by Rudolf Steiner for The Dream Song of Olaf Asteson to express the essence of the Holy Nights.

For the Epiphany 2021, yet another format had to be chosen. Vincent Roppolo generously offered to record this folksong to be publicly shared online. Click here or below to listen to his recording.

This ancient Norwegian folk legend of the Holy Nights, which was discovered in 1850, tells the story of a young man who slept for the twelve holy nights during the deep winter days. When he awoke on the thirteenth day, he told of the wondrous experiences and sights he had seen. Rudolf Steiner spoke about the significance of this song in a couple of lectures, available at Rudolf Steiner Archive: Olaf Oesteson: The Awakening of the Earth Spirit (7 January 1913, Berlin) and Lecture on the Poem of Olaf Åsteson: The Darkness of the Present Day Spiritual Life and the Lack of Truth in Our Thinking (21 December 1915, Berlin) as Lecture 6 of the series The Forming of Destiny and Life after Death.

At our bookstore, we also have a couple of books available on the topic: The Dream Song of Olaf Åsteson: An Ancient Norwegian Folksong of the Holy Nights (Floris Books, 2007) with illustrations by Janet Jordan, and Our Connection with the Elemental World: Kalevala – Olaf Åsteson – the Russian People: The World as the Result of Balancing Influences (CW 158), Rudolf Steiner (Rudolf Steiner Press, 2017). The bookstore at 138 West 15th Street in Manhattan is open Wed, Thu, Fri 2-6 pm, and Sat 1-5 pm.

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