A Lecture by Rudolf Steiner

Dornach, October 7, 1923


Click on the video image below to listen to Rudolf Steiner’s lecture “The Easter Imagination,”
the third in the series on the four season and the archangels that he gave in October 1923 in Dornach.

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Images, associated with this lecture:

  • Ahrimanic and Luciferic Forces in Spring (Plate 3, GA229)
  • Influence of Ahriman and Lucifer on Human Beings (Plate 4, GA229)
  • Envisioning for the small cupola of the First Goetheanum


“So was Lucifer painted in the cupola, and so is he represented in the sculpture-group which was intended to be the central point of our Goetheanum. Thus, in a certain sense, the Easter mystery was to have stood at this central point. But a completion in some form will be necessary, if one is to grasp the whole idea.” (Rudolf Steiner, The Four Seasons and the Archangels, Rudolf Steiner Press, 1996, p. 40)

Suggested readings:

  • Rudolf Steiner, The Four Seasons and the Archangels: Experience of the Course of the Year in Four Cosmic Imaginations (CW 229), Rudolf Steiner Press, 1996
  • Rudolf Steiner, Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting of the First Goetheanum (CW 288), SteinerBooks, 2017
  • Emil Bock, Holy Week: A Spiritual Guide from Palm Sunday to Easter, Floris Books, 2011

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