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Portraits of the Week: Larry Young

Larry Young captures a solemn summer moment on the canvas…

“I never knew a more presumptuous person than myself. The fact that I say that shows that what I say is true.” ~ Goethe

“It is always my wish that you might find enough patience within yourself to endure, and enough innocence to have faith. It is my wish that you might gain more and more trust in whatever is difficult for you…. Allow life to happen to you. Believe me, life is right in all cases.” ~ Rilke

Toronto-based artist Larry Young is a painter, sculptor, photographer, educator, and filmmaker. Deeply inspired and influenced by the writings of Rudolf Steiner, Larry has probed anthroposophical themes of human spirituality and consciousness for over 50 years. Click here to visit his website and listen about his creative process, as he describes it in a series of audio files, connected to the current exhibit at Anthroposphy NYC’s Ceneterpoint Gallery.



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