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NYC Harpist Rita Costanzi Wins the Hershey Felder Arts Prize

Rita Costanzi, a fellow NYC anthroposophist, is a harpist, pianist, soulful musician, and consummate artist who entered a worldwide competition with a video that ties the current Covid-19 situation to Beethoven’s life and legacy. The short film MOONLIGHT IN THE BRONX was conceived, written, produced, directed, and performed by Rita… And she won the Hershey Felder Arts Prize!

The competition was online on July 12 where everyone voted on the winner. Out of the top 5 who had been selected by the creators of the competition… Rita WON! And received a substantial prize and an invitation to go to Italy to develop the piece further. The producers of the competition want to do more with it in some way. Congratulations!

To see the winning video, click here or on the image below.

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  1. Ellen

    Brilliant and very moving, thank you and congratulations.


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